Drop Everything And Start Instagramming, Social Media Influencers Earn Up To $500 Per PostIt pays to be really adept at social media nowadays.
[VIDEO] Chester's Widow Records His Happiness Days Before Suicide
[VIDEO] Transformation of Taylor Swift To A Zombie
YouTube Parents Sentenced To Five Years Probation After Prank On Kids Ruled Child NeglectThe parents behind the DaddyOFive YouTube channel have been sentenced to five years probation after a prank they pulled on their children went infamously viral.  
[VIDEO] Man Proposes To Girlfriend 365 Times
Donald Trump Singing "Look What You Made Me Do" Will Be The Funniest Video You Watch All Day"Look What You Made Me Do" is breaking all sorts of records, but do you think it'd be as successful if it was released by Donald Trump instead of Taylor Swift?
[VIDEO] Woman Brings 'Galveston Beer' To FOX News Reporter
[VIDEO] Britney Spears Sings Cover Song Without Lip-Syncing
Actor Sonny Landham Of 'Predator' Passes Away
Cell Phone Falls 1,000 Feet From An Airplane And Is Recording The Entire Time! (Video)Ever wondered what it would look like to fall 1,000 feet from an airplane and survive?
[VIDEO] EDM Music Festival Goes Up In Flames, 20,000 Evacuated
Police Officers Call Out Local Gang In YouTube Video: "We Do Dumbbell Presses With Weights Bigger Than You."Several groups of police officers gathered to shoot a special video targeted at suspected gang members in Louisiana.  

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