Makeup Genius Completely Transforms Herself Into Taylor Swift And Kylie Jenner With Incredible AccuracyHye-Min Park is one of South Korea's most influential beauty bloggers.
Fozzie Bear singing 50 Cents In Da Club is Hilarious
Five Wedding Proposals Guaranteed to Make You Cry
The Cup Blowing Challenge Is Here To Once Again Prove We All Have Way Too Much Time On Our HandsGet ready for everyone in your office to attempt this latest online craze.
Watch Kirk Hammett React to Metallica Cover Versions
Oreo Tacos Are Now A Thing And Thank Goodness For ThatWhat happens when you combine your first favorite food with your second favorite food? You get Oreo Tacos.
This Mashup Of Teletubbies With Missy Elliot Will Be One Of The Greatest Things You See All Day
Live Stream Of Giraffes Flagged On YouTube For "Nudity And Sexual Conduct"Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY just wanted fans to watch a baby giraffe being born.
Unskippable Ads On YouTube Are A Thing Of The PastThe best news you'll hear all week... unless you use ad block.
Man Records Himself Counting To 100,000; Posts 24 Hour Video To YouTubeIn a video that proves that some people have absolutely no life, a YouTuber named MrBeast spent 40 hours counting to 100,000.
Homemade Guillotine Test Ends Poorly For Texas Man (Video) It's actually pretty hilarious, and the only thing the man damaged was probably his ego.
Move Over Yule Log, You've Been Replaced By The First Night Of HanukkahEvery year a new yule log video goes viral on YouTube.

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