Worst Boyfriend Ever Wakes Up Girlfriend With TWO Huge Pythons (Video)YouTube prankster DerekDeso decided one python just wasn't enough apparently.
iPhone 7 Users Destroy New Phone After YouTube Video Tells Them To Drill Into New DeviceA YouTube video, however, showed a DIY solution to the headphone jack removal. It claimed, that by drilling into the new iPhone with a 3.5mm drill, you can create your own jack and continue to use headphones as normal.
Little Girl Swimming With Burmese Python In Kiddie Pool Video ResurfacesWould you allow a Burmese python at your kid's birthday party?
VIDEO: What Happens When Silly String Can gets Crushed
Watch Chewbacca Mom On 'Carpool Karaoke' With James Corden and J.J. AbramsWatch J.J. Abrams appear in the backseat. Then Chewbacca Mom gets a surprise visit from the real Chewbacca!
VIDEO: Someone Got Windows 95 To Run On An On Xbox OneForget about backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360: this is REALLY FAR BACK-wards compatibility.
Instagram Now Allows Longer Videos, Take That YouTube And Snapchat
Charlie Puth Says Drops F-Bomb on Bieber Live in ConcertWow, had the crowd cheering too
Where's Waldo? Can You Find Him In This 360 Video?Waldo has been brought to life and is now part of an interactive YouTube game!
Lion King's 'Circle of Life' Parody About Our 'Virtual Life' on Social Media"It's time to check my social media, to see who loves me online. #BlessedLife"
Biggest Hits of 2015 in 3 Minutes
WATCH: Kid with Flexible NeckWatch at your own risk, it could be too much for some people

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