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The Clock Is Ticking For Jack’s March Baldness

It’s your last day to submit pictures! Why bother? Well, we kinda want to get rid of this $5000.


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See How Your Dallas Mavericks And Dallas Stars Did Last Night

It’s OK to love your local teams! Even if they’re not in the playoffs yet.


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Don’t Forget To Vote In Jack’s Pick The Oscar Contest

No annoying speeches…we promise.


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Dress-Up To See “The Shining” On The Big Screen

Costume idea: Scatman Crothers…complete with an axe embedded in your chest.


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Find The Best Cupcakes In The Metroplex

Now that they don’t make Hostess Cupcakes anymore.


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Prove You Know Your Movies With Jack’s Pick The Oscar Contest

You don’t even need to rent a tux!


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Earn Some Big $ With Jack’s Pick The Oscar Contest

The Academy only WISHES they could be as creative as we are with this gift bag.


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The Dallas Stars Begin Their Season Soon!

They’ve got some great deals going on, too. We’re just excited to get out of the cold and into a warmer environment!


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Make A Date With The Dallas Mavericks This Week

Not literally, of course. They’re in town, though.


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See What’s Up With Your Dallas Mavericks And Dallas Cowboys

And all is not lost for the Cowboys…yet.