Sinéad O'Connor Claims To Be "Safe" And "Surrounded By Loved Ones" After Posting Disturbing Video On FacebookLast week, Sinéad O'Connor posted a rather troubling 12-minute video on her Facebook page documenting her battles with three different mental illnesses.  
Police Respond To Calls Of Cat In Tree That Appears To Be Holding Assault RiflePolice in Newport, Oregon responded to a panicked call from a resident who believed they saw a cat perched on a tree branch holding some sort of assault rifle.
This Company Punishes Their Employees By Making Them Drink Toilet WaterThe poor employees work for a photography studio in Sichuan's Guang'an city in China.
9-Year-Old Prosper Boy Goes Viral For Powerful Rendition Of Whitney HoustonDane, who has Down Syndrome, was recorded by his aunt Jeanne while sitting in the backseat of her car singing his heart out and becoming fully enthralled in the music.
South Texas Man Goes Viral For Video For Ghostly Encounter In Motel RoomFrank Ramirez was in his Harlingen, TX hotel room watching CNN when things started getting a little spooky. 
Teen Dared to put Hammer Head in Her Mouth, Gets it Stuck and Goes Viral
Whataburger Proves It's The Best Ever, Provides Unforgettable Birthday Experiences For Two Loyal CustomersDon't let any of your west coast friends try and convince you that In-N-Out is superior to Whataburger.
Family's Lost Teddy Bear Has Been Found at Dallas Love Field
Two Strangers Finally Meet on 'Good Morning America' After Keeping an Inside Joke Up for Three YearsFrom URL to IRL.
A New Belle Chic Tote Bag Proves Why Font Is Important!Belle Chic has come under fire recently for a recently released tote bag with a questionable font decision. 
"The Orbiter" Is Here To Replace All Of Your Fidget SpinnersThe folks over at TEC Accessories are hoping to capitalize on what popularity fidget spinners have left with their brand new fidget device "The Orbiter."
Teacher Bans Bottle Flipping In Class, Proceeds To Film Most Epic Bottle Flipping Video Of All TimeOn December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in 6A.

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