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Watch The Best Picture Nominees In Less Than 4 Minutes!

The Oscars are this weekend. Are you ready? And by ready, I mean have you seen all the films?



’99 Red Balloons’ Played On One Red Balloon

YouTube sensation Andrew Huang, who has made a name for himself creating music by using everyday objects, has turned his attention to ’99 Red Balloons’ by Nena.


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Video: People Slapping Other People They Just Met

So do you remember that First Kiss video that came out a few months ago of beautiful people who had just met kissing each other? Well it’s time to sit back relax and watch an even better version of that video called SLAP!


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Video: The ‘Game Of Thrones’ & ‘Frozen’ Mash-up You’ve Been Waiting For

Warning spoilers are coming. Check out the video above for a great mash-up between ‘Game Of Thrones’ and “Let It Go” from ‘Frozen. The video does contain spoilers up to season 4 episode 2 of […]


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VIDEO: Southwest Flight Attendant Goes Viral With Hilarious Safety Announcement

To be honest, who really listens to the pre-flight safety announcement? The flight attendants at Southwest are getting pretty creative with their safety schpiel to the point that they have passengers rolling in the aisle […]


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DBU Student Goes Viral With “Let It Go” Parody With Disney Voices

Brian Hull is a 22-year-old vocal performance major at Dallas Baptist University. He’s not only a talented singer, he’s also a master of voices. He made use of both his talents in a parody of […]


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VIDEO: Dale Hansen’s Speech On Michael Sam Gets Remixed

Dale Hansen has become a sort of national figure with his speech about Michael Sam. He appeared on The Ellen Show to chat with Ellen DeGeneres about what he said during his Unplugged segment on […]



Viral Sochi Wolf Video Proves To Be Another Kimmel Hoax

That Jimmy Kimmel! He really pulled the wool over our eyes on yet another awesome viral video. Zap2It reported that US Olympic Luger Kate Hansen had posted a video of a wolf supposedly walking through […]


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Video: The Lego Movie Outtakes

The Lego Movie is one of the hottest films of the year already. What’s the one thing that’s missing? A blooper reel!!! It’s not missing any more. –


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Viral Video: Swimsuit Models Teach Airplane Safety

In an effort to grab the attention of its passengers, Air New Zealand is using Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to get its message across.