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DBU Student Goes Viral With “Let It Go” Parody With Disney Voices

Brian Hull is a 22-year-old vocal performance major at Dallas Baptist University. He’s not only a talented singer, he’s also a master of voices. He made use of both his talents in a parody of […]


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VIDEO: Dale Hansen’s Speech On Michael Sam Gets Remixed

Dale Hansen has become a sort of national figure with his speech about Michael Sam. He appeared on The Ellen Show to chat with Ellen DeGeneres about what he said during his Unplugged segment on […]



Viral Sochi Wolf Video Proves To Be Another Kimmel Hoax

That Jimmy Kimmel! He really pulled the wool over our eyes on yet another awesome viral video. Zap2It reported that US Olympic Luger Kate Hansen had posted a video of a wolf supposedly walking through […]


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Video: The Lego Movie Outtakes

The Lego Movie is one of the hottest films of the year already. What’s the one thing that’s missing? A blooper reel!!! It’s not missing any more. -


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Viral Video: Swimsuit Models Teach Airplane Safety

In an effort to grab the attention of its passengers, Air New Zealand is using Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to get its message across.


Mobile Phone Usage Increases In Iraq

Video: What If Conference Calls Happened In Person

The dreaded conference call. If you have worked in an office for any extended amount of time you have at least been apart of a conference call. Well what would happen if what happened on […]


The Station Picture

The Station Is Back For A Second Season! Watch The Season Premiere

Jack’s Webseries the station is back for a brand new season. Check out the season premiere above! In the season 2 premiere of the station Nate was promoted, and the rest of the Jack producers […]


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New ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Teaser Trailer Hits The Internet

A new teaser trailer for ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ has taken the internet by storm. The trailer reveals the Muppets touring the world along side a star studded cast, which includes the names of Ricky Gervais, […]


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Video: Why Astronauts Shouldn’t Eat Beans

Visual effects company Cinesite has decided to show the world why astronauts shouldn’t eat beans. The company created a mock commercial for the fake ‘Haynes Baked Beans’ company. The animated commercial shows what it might […]



What Happens To Unused Christmas Trees

Every wonder what happens to the Christmas Trees no one buys? Well according to this video, their massacred, but at least it’s for a good reason. Lions, tigers and other big cats use the trees […]