Channing Tatum Gives Hollywood Cohorts HILARIOUS Stripper Names (Video)How did you use to determine your stripper name? Was it the name of your pet, plus your the street you grew up on?
Man Completes Half-Marathon He Didn't Train For, Downing A Beer At Each Mile MarkerBefore the race started, he downed a Coors Light, and continued the trend at each mile marker. He finished the race in 1:43:42, after a total of 13 beers.
Woman Crashes Into Water After Jumping Off 50ft Bridge With 60ft Bungee Rope (Video)Somehow, this woman escaped this horrific event with only minor injuries.
Guy Stalks Lion And Immediately Regrets ItDon't mess with the king of the jungle
Man Electrocutes Friend Playing Real Life Game Of QWOPEverybody remember QWOP? This computer game challenged the user to manipulate the legs of a running as he sprinted down a track. You used the keys Q, W, O, and P to try and run as far as you could before crashing.
They Live! Blockbuster Stores Still Operational In AlaskaNetflix is convenient, sure, but there was absolutely something magical about walking into a Blockbuster Video and walking up and down the aisle finding the perfect movie for the weekend along with your choice of candy and soda.
Watch: Beaver Becomes New Cow Herd Leader
UPS Driver Rescues Family From Burning House During Last Delivery Of The Day (Video)UPS driver Paul Pereira was finishing up his day when he noticed smoke coming from a house near his last delivery of the day.
[Shocking Video] Woman Is Left Dangling By Her Feet On Bungee Ride
Six Flags Fiesta Texas Suffers Power Outage Leaving Riders Stranded On Giant Swing (Video)Roller coaster enthusiasts were left stranded after a power outage shut down several rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.
Police Search for Suspect who Murdered a Man on Facebook Live
Director James Cameron Hassled By Parking Enforcer At LAX (Video)James Cameron is one of the biggest film directors in the world, but that means nothing to parking enforcement officials at LAX.

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