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It’s OK If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

There’s actually a lot for you to do tonight. And none of it involves you wallowing in self-pity.


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Let The Dallas Mavericks Save Your Valentine’s Day

Dirk’s our hero! He’s got an amazing tailor, too: that dude needs a LONG cape.


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Spring For The Mavs Sweetheart Package

See what this does (and doesn’t) include.


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Video: How Hollywood Says I Love You

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a montage of some of Hollywood’s greatest love speeches.


Get Caught-Up On Some Oscar-Nominated Films

The Angelika in Dallas is featuring a bunch of the Academy Award-nominated films. Why not go see ”The Descendants“? Your lady can check out George Clooney, and you can experience an awesome movie. We’ll give you the […]


Get In On Friday Night Fights

UT Arlington‘s hosting this one on Friday night, and they’re allowing amateurs to fight Why not? It’ll improve on your face’s impersonation of a Picasso painting. Before you go and get the snot beaten out […]


Jack’s Valentine’s Contest Ends Tomorrow

It’s your last chance to vote for the best Valentine. Then you can tell all your friends that you got someone amazing jewelry and Texas Rangers tickets. That’s gotta score you some extra points with the […]


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Vote In Jack’s Valentine’s Contest This Weekend

You’ll get some smart Valentine’s Day ideas, and the winner will score some sweet prizes.  The poetry and puppies are sweet, but there’s something oddly attractive about the Spam.  Think we’re kidding?  Check it out. 


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Take Your Valentine On A Grapevine Wine Trail Tour

The Sweetheart Wine Trail is sold out tomorrow, but there are tickets available for Sunday.  Good thing.  Your, “Ritz Cracker and Welch’s Grape Juice Experience” wasn’t a good backup plan.  If you’re up for some […]


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Jack’s Valentine’s Day Card Solutions

Do you need a Valentine’s Card for your someone special, but don’t really have the time to go pick one out? Have no fear, here at jack we have created our very own line of […]