A Mysterious 'Ghost Ship' Has Washed Ashore On A Beach In Florida After Hurricane IrmaNo one is exactly sure how it got there.
Man Asks Twitter for Birthday Drinks and Gets Way More Than ExpectedAsk and you shall receive.
Photo of Woman's Boyfriend Looks Just Like Michael Jackson and the Internet Can't Handle It
Drop Everything And Start Instagramming, Social Media Influencers Earn Up To $500 Per PostIt pays to be really adept at social media nowadays.
[VIDEO] SNL Writer Loses His Tux, Gets It Back With The Help Of The Internet
There's A High School That Lets Seniors Dress In Costume For Their ID PicturesThese are nothing less than BRILLIANT.
See Why The Goblin Shark Is One Of The Scariest Creatures In The SeaForget Pennywise from "IT"...THIS thing will give you nightmares!
Boxer's Son Punches His Dad's Opponent In The Crotch While He's Weighing In
Why You Don't Put Poster Paint On Your Face: Even If The Label Says It Washes Off@LeleTill took to Twitter recently and demonstrated why you shouldn't put poster paint on your face.
Seth Rogen Freaks Out After Nicki Minaj Name Drops Him During A SongHe found out that Nicki Minaj dropped his name during a verse while appearing on Fergie's new track "You Already Know," and his reaction was absolutley perfect.
Mysterious Fanged Creature Found After Hurricane HarveyThe large mystery creature was found washed up on a Texas beach.
Florida Resident Offers Irma A Can Of Pepsi In Order To Make Peace With The StormAs Hurricane Irma moves up the coast of Florida, one resident has an ingenious and inspired way to stop the storm in its path.  

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