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Meet Stephenie Meyer: Author Of “The Host”

…and another little set of books.


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Are You Camping Out For Stephenie Meyer?

Stephenie, we’re patiently waiting for a William Shatner-type “…have you ever kissed a girl?” speech to your fans.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - UK Premiere

Everything Wrong With Twilight, Besides Being Twilight

WARING: SOME ADULT LANGUAGE Apparently there is more wrong with the movie Twilight, then just the story line. Check out this video, where Cinema Sins points out everything wrong with the movie. The mistake total […]


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Meet “Twilight” Series Author Stephenie Meyer

Please don’t wear your red contacts. That really does freak her out.


Catch A Flick This Week

We’re now experiencing a motion picture eclipse: Oscar-worthy films… and pretty dang good blockbusters.


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Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Hits Theaters This Weekend

We thought we’d be cool by mentioning this movie. Pay no attention to the fact that we’re dressed like a Cullen in full sparkly glitter lotion.


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Do You Have What It Takes To Survive The “Twilight” Marathon?

Get ready for a steady 8+ hour stream of popcorn, candy and soda.


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Stevie Nicks Really Loves Twilight

Apparently Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks is a huge Twilight fan. According to Digital Spy she called the Stephanie Meyer novels “timeless” and compared them to literary classics like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. The singer […]


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Up For A “Twilight” Marathon?

If you’re going to this, and you’re over 16 years-old, your friends have a right to be scared of you.



Video: “Twilight” Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

The good people over at Bad Lip Reading like to take movies, tv shows, and commercials and re-imagine them. Basically they cut out the sound and then perform a bad lip reading to change the […]