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Jack’s Simulcasting The Kaboom Town Fireworks Tonight

Just be careful if you’re drinking and watching the fireworks from many, many miles away. The delay will screw you up even more. Play it safe, and show up in Addison. We’ve got the details.


Addison’s Kaboom Town Is Tonight!

Happy 3rd of July! Hey, we’re not complaining about the pre-4th of July festivities. The early bird gets to steer clear of the fireworks in the sky over Addison! And we’ve got you covered with […]



Addison Kaboom Town – Airshow, Fireworks, Food & Fun!

What are your plans for the 4th? Well, no worries because Kaboom Town is on Tuesday, July 3rd! Addison’s Kaboom Town is rated one of the top places to watch FIREWORKS in the country! The […]


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Pearl Jam’s Accountant Facing Major Theft Charges

Did a former executive within the Pearl Jam compound stiff the band out of several hundred thousand dollars? That’s what Seattle police and prosecutors are saying in a 33-count allegation handed down earlier this month. […]


Glastonbury Music Festival: 40th Anniversary - Day 3

Jack White On Creating His Own Label, Third Man Records “It Was All An Accident”

In an interview with Jack White expressed how proud he is of Third Man Records, the record label and tourist attraction he created. “I can’t believe it man. What I’m most proud of it is […]


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Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Buys New Fisker Hybrid Supercar, “That’s Sex Dude!”

Every once in a while, Southern Californians, specifically in the Orange County area, catch a fleeting glimpse of a Fisker Karma being shipped off to a new home. Automotive geeks weave through lanes just to […]



You Could Run The A/C For FREE!

Summer feels better when you aren’t melted to the couch from the heat. SO in the spirit of community service, Jack wants to pay your electric bill.


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Singer Hospitalized After Head Banging Injury, That So Metal!

Mikael Akerfeldt, the Swedish lead singer of death metal band Opeth, said he had to cancel a Minnesota concert when a head banging accident on the tour bus left him bleeding. This will be the […]


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Jennifer Lopez’s Chauffeur Suing

Jennifer Lopez’s former driver has filed a lawsuit against the Actress/Singer/American Idol judge, claiming that he was denied lunch breaks, and the full portion of his salary while working for Lopez. Suit was filed with […]


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Busted Twice In One Day And Posing For A Picture – This Guy!

What is worse? Getting arrested for stealing scrap metal OR Getting arrested for stealing scrap metal twice in one day and then posing for a photo after getting arrested?