The Shining

(Photo by David Gannon/AFP/Getty Images)

Dress-Up To See “The Shining” On The Big Screen

Costume idea: Scatman Crothers…complete with an axe embedded in your chest.



Scare Yourself Thin This Halloween: Horror Movies Burn Calories

Getting yelled at by friends and family for sitting on the couch and watching too much TV lately? Well just pop in a horror film, and you can tell them your burning calories. The New […]


Erik Dreyer/Getty Images

WTH Caller: This guy Scares Us… Just A Little.

What’s your favorite scary movie? No… This isn’t about “Scream“. We’re just asking. Why? Because some guy called in quoting his favorite horror movie… Over and over again. Wanna hear it?


True Blood Season 3 Hits DVD Shelves Today

If you are a True Blood follower, then today’s a special day since Season 3 of the HBO hit series appears on DVD today.