Texas Woman Undergoes Eight Plastic Surgery Procedures Costing $64,000 In Order To Look Like Melania TrumpTexas mom Claudia Sierra's idol is First Lady Melania Trump.  She admires the first Lady so much so, Sierra began a complete transformation of herself in order to look more like Melania, who she calls "the perfect woman."
Holocaust Survivor Presented With Her Diploma 71 Years LateHave the tissues handy. Lots and lots of tissues.
Contestants Who Lived In The Wild For A Year Return Home To Learn Their Reality Show Had Been CancelledContestants on the Scottish reeality show Eden spent a year in the wilderness and started a society from scratch.
Open Casting Call For Survivor Nov. 4th In Grapevine
113-Year-Old Auschwitz Survivor Will Finally Celebrate Bar Mitzvah He's Never HadIsrael Kristal turned 13 in 1016, without his mother, and a father who was away fighting in World War I
'Survivor' Cast Evacuated For First Time In Show's History Due To Impending WeatherFor the first time in the show's remarkable 33 season run, the entire cast of Survivor had to be evacuated for fear of impending dangerous weather.
Mike Huckabee to Pay $25,000 for 'Eye of the Tiger' UseHuckabee settled a lawsuit with Survivor's Frankie Sullivan over copyright infringement.
23-Year-Old Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Dies in a Car Accident
Video: This is HER Fight Song
Survivor Plans to File Cease and Desist Letter to Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee"Eye of the Tiger" is not theirs to do with as they will.
Survivor Not Pleased with Kim Davis' Use of Their Song for Anti-Gay Marriage Message"NO!" said the band on their Facebook page. "We did grant Kim Davis the rights to use 'Eye of the Tiger.'"
Elementary School Choir Gives Touching Tribute To Teacher Battling CancerYou must have this many tissues to ride.

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