Yearly Report Shows Sales Of Soda Continues To Decline

Man Rearranges Walgreens During Rant Over Beverage Selections

We all have our favorite sodas we prefer, and we certainly become disappointed when our choice isn’t available. However, a Florida man went ballistic when his local Walgreens didn’t carry his favorite soda. According to […]



Mountain Dew Creates “Breakfast Drink”

Mountain Dew is getting ready to take over your coffee intake. The soda beverage is looking to corner the caffeine morning market with Mountain Dew Kick Start. The Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch beverages will […]


Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings

Drinking Soda Makes You Depressed

New research suggests that the consumption of sweetened beverages can be linked with depression later in life. The study which will be formally presented in March found that people who drank more than four cans […]


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WTH Caller: Play Ball!

The Texas Rangers have begun Spring Training so that means spring is right around the corner and we just happened to have found someone REALLY excited about that.


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WTH Caller: This Cold One’s For You

Oh, the sweet sound of a can of “soda” entering this world and into our belly.


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Showtime Showcase

Showtime Networks is giving you the opportunity to win an exclusive advanced screening of the new Showtime Original Comedy House of Lies and the season premiere of the smash hit Shameless. You may just win […]