Simple Minds

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Jim Kerr Of Simple Minds Addresses Facebook Request: ‘I Was Telling It Like It Was’

It was an uncommonly frank way to address the audience and the situation, so got Kerr on discuss the tour, and what it means for the band’s future in America. “It’s been like eleven years or something (since we played America). And there was lots of reasons for that. Time passed. we were playing eerywhere else around the world. Our fans here were – rightfully – feeling gipped. I started to wonder, ‘Will we ever get a chance to play America again?'”


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The Slaughter House Is Now Open For Your Scaring Pleasure

Pay no attention to the premature Christmas decorations at your local superstore. Halloween’s first, y’all.


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Check Out The North Texas Polestar Convention And Competition

We just want to see the goodie bags they’re handing out.


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Check Out The Best In Indie Music At The Index Festival

You need to see these band’s names…just telling your friends you saw some of these guys is reason enough to go.


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The Red Hot Chili Peppers Are In Town Tonight

Anthony Kiedis: RHCP lead singer AND “Point Break” star. Talk about multitalented!


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The Red Hot Chili Peppers Are In Dallas Tuesday

We’ve dreamed about running into Flea in the socks and underwear department at Walmart.


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Don’t Shave: Go To The Lone Star Beards’ Inaugural Beard and Mustache Competition

And you thought ZZ Top was only cool because of their music.


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Get Ready For McKinney Oktoberfest

Yet another city joining in the, “We Don’t Care If It Isn’t October Oktoberfest” movement.


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Blake Shelton’s In Concert This Weekend

Wonder if he’ll be lonely without Christina, Cee Lo and Adam.


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Jack’s Aussie Song Of The Day Is Coming Up

Come see us use some reverse psychology on you.