Your Showering Habits May Actually Cause BacneMore than 50% of women and 40% of men in their '20s are afflicted with back acne, and dermatologist Christie Kidd says our showering habits may be the cause of it.  
Watch Fiona the Baby Hippo Take a Nap in the ShowerCan we all just enjoy this moment of secondhand joy?
New Cup Holder Designed to Drink Beer, Wine in ShowerJust a few weeks ago, news broke about a beer brewed specifically to be enjoyed in the shower.
Grandparent's Furious Over Lush Bath Gel's "Adult Themed Label"
Man Moves Into New Place, Finds Something Odd In His Shower
What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Shower For Two Days?
Man Spends $5000 To Convert Truck Into Mobile Shower Unit For The HomelessThere are plenty of places and organizations setup to help the homeless with food and perhaps even shelter, but St. Louis man Jake Austin knew a startling problem that was not being given a lot of thought.
Ever Had A Shower Beer?Get the scoop on summer's hottest drinking trend.
Burger King Opens Newest Restaurant ... As a Spa!"Hi welcome to Burger King! Showers are to the left and the sauna is on the right - we'll be with you shortly."
Study: Why Do Great Ideas Come in the Shower?The problem with having epiphanies in the shower is that there’s no pen handy, and phones aren’t waterproof. I often forget mine a few minutes later. But these ‘out of nowhere’ aha! Moments are for real, according to an interesting new study published in the journal Thinking & Reasoning.
Science Says You Shouldn't Shower Every Day
Woman Slips In Shower And Falls Out A WindowTo think this could have all been avoided if she had just bought that $2 non-slip rubber shower mat.

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