Robert De Niro

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

Catch A Sunday Sunset Screening Of “Raging Bull”

It’s a simple equation: Scorsese + De Niro = GREATNESS.


Taxi Driver Turns 35

Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is being digitally restored for the big screen!


Red Carpet Interviews With Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro Of “Limitless”

Before our friend Brad Blanks chats about the Bangkok set of The Hangover 2 with Bradley Cooper, he finds out more about this experimental drug in Limitless that makes him a mental superman. Does it […]


Paul Opens In Theaters This Weekend

The guys from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead team up with an alien voiced by Seth Rogen. Never in a million years did we think we could say: “think E.T. crossed with Superbad.” 


Test The Limits Of Limitless

What if a pill could make you rich and powerful? What if you had free Armani Exchange clothing? That would be pretty sweet right? Well Jack can hook you up with that…sort of. We’ve got a […]


Chris Vognar Talks Taxi Driver

He’s a movie critic from the Dallas Morning News, and he’s hosting a free 70’s film series at the Magnolia.  Chris is saying that the best movies came from the 70’s. Let see.  “The Roommate” was […]


Little Fockers Is Out Now

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller are back.  You know how they always show the funniest parts of the movie in the trailer? This film doesn’t have that problem.


George Clooney Goes Indie With The American

It’s like a foreign movie…that’s not really a foreign movie.


Robert De Niro And Ben Stiller Interviews On The “Little Fockers” Red Carpet

On the red carpet for the premiere of Little Fockers, our friend Brad Blanks had a nice chat with Ben Stiller about fistfights, needles, Jessica Alba, and sausages. Great stuff, but then, the big question […]