Miss Texas Gives Scathing Rant On President Donald Trump's Charlottesville Response During Miss America PageantDuring last night's Miss America competition, each contestant was given twenty seconds to answer a question from one of the judges regarding a current issue facing the United States.
Starbucks Barista Goes On A Rant About The New Unicorn Frap
Woman Goes On Racist Rant At Michael's And Yells "And I Voted For Trump"This is crazy!
LISTEN: Kanye's Pre-SNL Rant Is Caught On Tape...Oops!
If You Hate Valentine's Day, Watch This Rant from Two Girls and A Gay!
Russell Crowe Says "Never Again" To Virgin Airlines Over Hover-BoardsAcademy award winning actor Russell Crowe recently became irritated with Virgin Australia at check-in when he learned his children's hover-boards... are NOT permitted aboard
Can We Discuss The Horror Of 'Cheetos Kid?'This Viral Video of 9-year-old's mastery of four-letter words and Flamin' Hot Cheetos makes us want to cry
Male Radio Host Has Sexist Rant Against Woman Who Makes Sports Broadcasting History!
MLB Announcers' Selfie Rant: On Point Or Overboard?...how do you think these guys feel about Selfies? We can't get a feel for it.
Man Rearranges Walgreens During Rant Over Beverage Selections
Marshall's Minute: The Te'o/Armstrong Verdict
Marshall's Minute: The Santa Claus

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