UK Set To See A Rise In Poverty

YouTube Star Gives Homelss Man A Makeover

YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is known for being kind of a Jerk on his YouTube channel VitalyzdTV, however this video may completely redeem him. He picked out a random homeless man named Martin and gave him […]


Yearly Report Shows Sales Of Soda Continues To Decline

Man Rearranges Walgreens During Rant Over Beverage Selections

We all have our favorite sodas we prefer, and we certainly become disappointed when our choice isn’t available. However, a Florida man went ballistic when his local Walgreens didn’t carry his favorite soda. According to […]


Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Yay! Twinkies Are Coming Back!

Good news everyone one, the Twinkie is about to make it’s jubilant return to store shelves. The Hostess snack cake hasn’t been around since the company went belly up last fall. Grubstreet is reporting that […]


Local Prostitutes Wear Reflecting Jackets

Man Calls Police To Report Prostitute’s “False Advertising” About Looks

It’s good to have laws that protect consumers from false advertising. However if you’re going to call the police to complain about a prostitute’s false advertising, you might want to rethink that. On Tuesday night, […]


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Dog’s Butt Looks Like Jesus

Dog Butt Jesus pic.twitter.com/iwaJPwG5At — Funny Objects (@FunnyObjects) June 14, 2013 Our human eyes are trained to see patterns. We see faces in clouds, Elvis in trees, and George Washington in chicken nuggets. The image […]


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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, “Tang Sucks”

Tang is famous for being the drink of Astronauts, if you don’t believe us just watch the above commercial. However it’s not Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s drink of choice. During the taping of Spike’s Guys Choice […]


Police suspect Omdahl shot her husband Phil Hartman.

Yearbook Goof Names Students “Creepy Smile Kid” And “Some Tall Guy”

An “honest mistake” resulted in yearbooks being published with students being identified in photos as “Creepy smile kid,” “Someone,” and “Some tall guy” at a small high school in rural upstate New York. According to […]


Kodiak Bears Birthday Milestone

VIDEO: Bear Breaking Into Truck

It’s probably the most un-bear-ably adorable criminal ever caught on camera. A giggling family is amused to find their truck being busted into by a casually cool criminal who just happens to be… a bear. […]


Aerial view taken on July 15, 2010 shows

How Americans Speak English Differently From One Another

You say “po-TAY-toe”, I say “po-TAH-toe”, but rather than calling the whole thing off, the Business Insider recently published a gallery of maps showing how pronunciation and terminology differed across the United States. Regional dialects […]


A Chinese woman smashes a mock televisio

Best Break-Up Letter Ever

This break-up letter is doing the rounds this morning…because it’s AWESOME #girlpower | bit.ly/11xQeCg twitter.com/newscomauHQ/st… — news.com.au (@newscomauHQ) June 3, 2013 Messy break-ups used to be confined to friend, family, and innocent bystanders caught in […]