ER visit for Christmas?... No thanks.
Epic Fail: Thieves Crash Pickup Into Dallas Walgreens, Can't Breach WallWalgreens Robberies: at the corner of stupid and desperate.
SNAKE FIGHT: Python Vs. King Cobra Battle In Street
Psychic Reveals The Trick To Picking Your Lucky Lotto Numbers
Strange Things Found in the SkyMall Catalog
Pick The New Fashion Trends For 2014Will the mullet be making a comeback in 2014? You decide.
Couple Has Zombie-Themed Wedding
Who Needs Coffee When You Can Have Sprayable Energy?
Woman Loses $350 In Monkey Website Scam
Toilet Dating Is A Thing In England
Dead Shark Found In SubwayShark Week is in full swing and the fun seems to have left the ocean and on a New York City subway train. A small dead shark was found on a train yesterday.
Redneck Olympics Forced To Change Name
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