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Road Kill Dinner Is On The Menu

If you hit it, you can now legally eat it. The Huffington Post is reporting that the state of Montana is now allowing motorists to eat any deer, elk, moose, or antelope that they may […]


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Stick Shift Stops Sleazy Car Thieves

Having manual transmission saved one man’s Corvette in Florida. The Huffington Post is reporting that two would be carjackers approached 51-year-old Randolph Bean, who was sitting in his yellow Corvette waiting for his wife to […]


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Check Out Ben Stevenson’s Nutty Nutcracker

It’s kind of a cross between the classic story and TMZ.


Photo Courtesy of J&D's Foods

Bacon Shaving Cream?

Adding bacon to something pretty much always makes it better, but what about adding it to shaving cream? J&D’s food has done exactly that, giving the world its first bacon-scented shaving cream. Here is what […]



Video: World Champion Juggler Wows Crowd With One Ball

Check out this video from the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival Championship. Watch as performer, Mister Babache wows the crowd using only one ball for much of the performance. He does eventually pick up a second […]



Man’s Lost Finger Found Inside Fish

A human finger was found inside a fish at an Idaho lake earlier this month, and the finger has been traced back to a wake boarder who lost four fingers in an accident in June. […]


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Bad News Alert: A World Wide Bacon Shortage Is Unavoidable

According to Britain’s National Pig Association, a world-wide shortage of pork and bacon next year is unavoidable. Data suggests the European Union pig herd is declining at a significant rate, and that trend is being […]



Man Jumps Into Tiger Cage At Zoo And Gets Mauled

Yahoo is reporting that David Villalobos says he was without fear when he jumped from an elevated train into a tiger’s den at the Bronx Zoo over the weekend. Why would someone decide to do […]


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3-Year-Old Hospitalized After Eating Grandma’s Pot Cookies

Everybody thinks grandma’s cookies are special. Unfortunately one toddler found out that his grandmothers cookies were “special” for a reason. The Press-Enterprise is reporting that a Southern California grandmother uses marijuana cookies to ease the […]


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Mom Hacks Schools Computers And Changes Her Kids’ Grades

Overbearing parents be warned: it’s one thing to do your kids homework, but if you decide to hack into the school’s computer system and change your child’s grades you could see prison time. Time is […]