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It’s Jack’s Longest AND Shortest Fat Tuesday Parade

Click here to see why this is great…and small.


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It’s Red, White And Bubbles At MAX’s Wine Dive

Their mantra: “Fried Chicken and Champagne?…Why the Hell Not?!” To borrow from The Partridge Family: we think we love you.


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Break Out Those Chaps For The Wild West Watauga Fest

As long as they don’t make us deliver a cow like in “City Slickers”, we’re there!


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Vogue It Up At The SMU Fashion Week Kick-Off Party

Yeah, you might want to leave the flip-flops and cut-off shorts at home tonight.


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See What Dallas’ BIG Celebration Is All About

One BIG perk: it’s FREE!


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Drink Local, Give Global At Deep Ellum Brewing Company

You can drink beer AND give for a good cause. We plan on giving A LOT.


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Savor Dallas: Let The Posh Partying Begin

For those who DON’T drink their wine out of a box.


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Cowtown Goes Green Party: It’s For The Whole Family

It’s a St. Patrick’s Day celebration: not something involving hippies and the earth.


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Party At The Arboretum In Style At Savor Dallas

Just put us near the violets. We have the tendency to spill our wine.


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It’s OK If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

There’s actually a lot for you to do tonight. And none of it involves you wallowing in self-pity.