Geraldo Rivera's Daughter Was At The Soccer Stadium In ParisThis is so scary, we are glad she was able to get out unharmed.
Russian TV Cameras Accidentally Leak Secret WeaponRemember when these guys were the ultimate bad guys in spy movies?
Was That A UFO In The Sky?Was it really a UFO that flew through the sky Saturday night? I don't know what to believe anymore....
Fox Makes Another Mistake: World's Worst Spy Flick Gets Sequel In 2017My name is Steven. I write for JACK FM. And I can't believe that Fox is shoving a Kingsman Sequel down our throats.
Student Driver Crashes Through Driving School Window
Halloween Decorations Gone Too Far
Indiana Woman Bails From Her Car After Seeing Spider And Causes Crash
'Cecil The Lion' Hunter Returns To Work
UPDATE: Virginia Shooting Suspect Shoots Self, One Victim StableVirginia authorities believe they have captured the shooter, who has been hospitalized for an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Psychic Reveals The Trick To Picking Your Lucky Lotto Numbers
The End Of The World As We Know It: The Plague Is BackTwo confirmed cases in the same place? Please, join us in irrationally FREAKING the EFF OUT.
5 Sports Stories That Are More Interesting Than Tom Brady's SuspensionWe get it. He's a cheater. Is there anything else happening in sports? App
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