How did Tom Hanks Get His Forrest Gump Voice?
Harry Potter Prequel?? BLIMEY!Have you always wondered how life at Hogwarts used to be before Harry Potter? Then I'm glad you opened this article. I can't wait to see it!
The Friday The 13th Movies: From Worst To FirstIn a dorky Casey Kasem voice: "We're countin' them down!"
Fifty Shades of YES!!
JACK's Top Films To Appreciate Veteran's DayIn honor of Veteran's Day, we compiled a list of our favorite war movies and the conflicts they represent.
List of Scary Movies That Are Creepy, Frightening and Gore-Free
'Wonder Woman' Adds Chris Pine, Will Shoot On (Real) Film"Quick," said a Hollywood executive, "we need a pretty boy for our pretty girl. Er, woman?"
Top 10 Horror Films Of All Time
If "Angels In The Outfield" Got An ESPN Documentary...It would say a LOT about life in the 90s.
Fox Makes Another Mistake: World's Worst Spy Flick Gets Sequel In 2017My name is Steven. I write for JACK FM. And I can't believe that Fox is shoving a Kingsman Sequel down our throats.
Watch 14 Minutes Of Footage Cut From 'Monty Python & The Holy Grail'...then cut down the tallest and strongest tree in the forest. With a herring.
Avenger Chris Hemsworth Visits "Jurassic Park" In First Instagram PostThor always goes to the craziest places! App
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