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VIDEO: Dallas Mavericks’ Make Hilarious Anchorman Spoof

Breaking News out of the Dallas Mavericks! There’s a new news team in town, and they’re called the Starting 5. Back again with another awesome video certain to go viral, the Dallas Mavericks have put […]


Dallas Mavericks v Brooklyn Nets

Check Out Your Dallas Mavericks’ King of The Bracket Game

If you pick by covering your eyes and pointing, it’s cool…it’s worked for us and our music playlist for the past 8 years!


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Let The Dallas Mavericks Save Your Valentine’s Day

Dirk’s our hero! He’s got an amazing tailor, too: that dude needs a LONG cape.


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Jack’s Pick The Oscar Contest: It’s Worth A Grand!

Technically more than that if you include the cold cuts.


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Have A Dallas Mavericks’ Mavs Man Valentine’s Day

Mavs Man will make a personal appearance at your sweetheart’s office…and scare the crap out of their coworkers!


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See How Your Dallas Mavericks And Dallas Stars Did Last Night

It’s OK to love your local teams! Even if they’re not in the playoffs yet.


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Spring For The Mavs Sweetheart Package

See what this does (and doesn’t) include.


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The Dallas Mavericks Are Coming Home

Because a pigskin ball is so two days ago.


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What Did You Think Of The Big Game?

If we see another hot wing or plate of nachos, we’re going to hurl.


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Will The Harlem Globetrotters Win?

Will it be toasty in Texas this summer?