Visitors And Exhibitors At The Devon County Show

Man Wants To Live Life As A Dog

Gary Matthews is a simple man with a simple wish: he wants to be man’s best friend. No, really. The 47-year-old loves dogs so much that he wants to be one. His family has embraced […]


Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 : Leg 5 - Auckland to Brazil

Man Rescues Dog Before Wife From Sinking Boat

One man just booked himself a lengthy stay in the dog house after choosing to rescue his dog first, leaving his wife on their sinking yacht. Next time, save the wife first. South African couple […]


Life Ball 2010 - Press Conference

Dog Runs Over Man With Car

Oh karma. It’s always sad when you hear about beloved dogs being hit by cars, but a dog finally got a bit of revenge on humans. In West York, Pennsylvania, a dog left unattended in […]


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Woman Finds Ex-Boyfriend Living In Her Attic

A South Carolina woman recently found a rather unique item in her attic:  the ex-boyfriend whom she had broken up with almost 12 years ago. The single mother of five told the Charlotte Observer she […]


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Central Texas Woman Aims For Skunk, Shoots Husband Instead

Sure. She was “aiming” for the skunk.


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Astronaut Neil Armstrong Dead At 82

God speed, Mr. Armstrong.


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Man Punches 11-Year-Old Girl, Steals Her Lollapalooza Souvenir Beach Ball

Seriously, what is wrong with people?!



Man Uses Butt As Firework Launch Pad

Gives a whole new meaning to Booty Pad


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This Explosion Video Is Nice, But Did You See That Lion!?

Lions and Explosions and Stupidity, Oh my!


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Miami Face Chewer Not High On Bath Salts

On Wednesday the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner announced the toxicology on Rudy Eugene, who became infamous when he chewed the face off Ronald Poppo last month. Apparently the only drug in his system was Marijuana. Police […]