South African Man Crosses The Atlantic by Paddle Boarding
Man Quits Job to Become Police Officer after Dallas Police Attack in July
Man Fights Cougar In Order To Save His DogsWill Gibb let his dogs out of his truck for a short run around the parking lot at his local Tim Horton's.
Man Given Multiple Parking Citations While He Lay Dead In Front SeatFrom November 12 to November 15, an SUV parked just blocks away from Broward County Courthouse in Florida had racked up an impressive number of parking tickets.
Man Fights Kangaroo To Save Dog (Video)Not a whole lot is known of this man, as of yet, only that he appears he would do anything to save his good puppy dog.
Taylor Swift Stalked By Texas Man After Austin Concert!Taylor Swift was stalked by a man after her show in Austin. The man followed her motorcade back to a private airport and tried to get in.
Man Facing Massive Fine After Using Drone To Buy Sausage While He Sat In Hot TubA man in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia has found the perfect use for his drone, but unfortunately it could hit him pretty hard in his wallet.
Women In Yoga Pants March In Front Of House Of Man Who Said They Should "Stop Wearing Them In Public"A Rhode Island man wrote in to his local newspaper to complain about the rising number of women who wear yoga pants out in public.
Man Trapped Hanging Upside Down In Own Basement For 13 HoursAfter losing the keys to his house, a Detroit man tried breaking in through a basement window, only to get his foot stuck in a precarious position.
70-Year-Old Robs Bank, Tells Police He'd Rather Go To Prison Than Live WIth His WifeLawrence John Ripple walked into a bank in Kansas City, Kansas and handed one of the tellers a note reading, "I have a gun, give me money."
Plano Man Kills Girlfriend and Posts a Picture to Facebook
13 Gross Things Women Do That Men Don't Know About!

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