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New to Dallas? See How to Spend Some Hours at Uptown!

I live in Uptown Dallas and I’ve seen my fair share of changes throughout the years but maybe you’re a new resident or a visitor from out of town. Check out some activities you can […]


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Stephen Colbert Wants To Chat Over Lunch

It’s the American thing to do.


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The Last Slice Of Pizza You Will Ever Eat

Imagine biting into a Scorpion Chili (the hottest chili pepper in the world). Think of the pain that would cause… now multiply that by 10, and that’s what you get when you take a bite […]

Jack FM–02/06/2014

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Learn How To Line Dance At Billy Bob’s

You will be shunned if you mention “The Macarena” or “The Electric Slide.”


Benfica v Liverpool - UEFA Europa League

Eagle Gets Hungry Puts Baby On The Menu

Warning: Video contains bad language. It seems like we can’t take our kids anywhere. Even when a parent is standing just feet away in full view of their infant child, someone or some thing still […]


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Get Your Hands On Free Cici’s For A Year Friday

The Cici’s Pizza at Timber Creek Crossing, Skillman and Northwest Highway, has been open since the beginning of this month, but this coming Friday, March 30th will be their official grand opening celebration. The first […]


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Food Truck Spotlight: Easy Slider Review

After sampling from the most popular trucks offering different palate pleasers like British meat pies, gourmet hot dogs, and Korean barbecue, I finally got my hands on Easy Slider.  The one truck I’ve been following […]


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Food Trucks In Trouble In California

A proposed California state law designed to promote children health, could really hurt the Food Truck industry in California. Let’s hope the Texas State Legislature doesn’t get the same idea. Jack loves us some Food […]


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Food Truck Spotlight: SsahmBBQ Review

When I first saw the truck, I did not know what to exactly expect. The subtitle to the truck is “Gourmet Korean tacos”, initially I was thinking “ribs” I guess because of BBQ in the […]


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Food Truck Spotlight: 3 Men And A Taco Review

Parking the Jack Burb (suburban) by the 3 Men and a Taco Food Truck, a bright celebration of colors enticed those who were on Flora Street that day.  3 Men and a Taco Food Truck […]