Katy Perry Gets Interviewed by 7-Year-Old Then Duets with HerThis is adorably funny!
Kid Loses His Recorder; Teacher Makes Him Perform AnywayWhat lesson was she trying to teach this kid?
Young North Western Fan is Taking the Internet by Storm
Kid Crashes LIVE Weather Report with "Toots and Farts"
11-Year-Old Cowboys Superfan Raps His Way To 2 Million Views Online11 years ago, Isaiah Alvarado's mother brought him home from the hospital wrapped in Dallas Cowboys gear.
Keep Your Sick Kid Away From the Louis Vuitton, Otherwise They May Have To Pay For ItEven if you don't own a Louis Vuitton, you know that LV logo. You know it means expensive.
What Happens When Dad Sets up Hidden Camera in House at Night
VIDEO: Kid Still Loopy After Anesthesia
Can We Discuss The Horror Of 'Cheetos Kid?'This Viral Video of 9-year-old's mastery of four-letter words and Flamin' Hot Cheetos makes us want to cry
Bad Dad Kicked Son In The Face At Disney World
Man Punches 11-Year-Old Girl, Steals Her Lollapalooza Souvenir Beach Ball Seriously, what is wrong with people?!
Boy Finds Lego Piece That Was Stuck In His Nose For 3 YearsHe finally has the last piece he needed to complete that Lego fortress he's been building.

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