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YouTube, Xbox to Stream ‘The Interview’ Today

A deal has been struck between Sony, YouTube and Microsoft to stream controversial film The Interview starting today.


(Mert & Marcus for Interscope Records)

Watch James Franco Lip Sync Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ in His Car

James Franco decides to break out the phone for a lip-synching session of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin.’


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Seth Rogen And James Franco Might Start World War III

Apparently Seth Rogen and James Franco have seriously pissed off the North Korean government and their dictator Kim Jong-un with their next project.


Guess Portrait Studio - Day 2 - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

James Franco Will Record Your Voicemail Message For A Donation To His Next Project

Who wouldn’t want a celebrity to record their outgoing voicemail message? Imagine how cool it would be for people to call in to your voicemail and be greeted by the recognizable voice of someone famous. […]


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Pineapple Express 2 Might Happen Thanks To Kickstarter

The new comedy This Is The End has been touted as the unofficial Pineapple Express sequel, especially considering it contains the entire cast of the film and contains several stoner jokes. Though fans hoping for […]


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“Oz The Great And Powerful” Is Out

See why we think double-sided tape was used in the making of this film.


(Photo by Neil Mockford/Getty Images)

Get Your Fill Of “The Wizard Of Oz”

Starting this weekend, and continuing through the spring, you’re going to have more Oz than a witch can shake a broomstick at.


Eddie Murphy To Host Next Year’s Oscars Ceremony

The Oscars are going back to the comedian route when it comes to emcee duties for next year’s ceremony — tapping Eddie Murphy as host.


Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Falls Short

What happens when you decide to mess with nature?  The answer is you speed up evolution. Julie tells you all about this “origin” movie.


Catch Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes This Weekend

James Franco plays a scientist who runs a bunch of experiments on apes who end-up getting humanly-smart. We were really disappointed to find out that he doesn’t cut off his arm or sell exotic recreational […]




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