Green Bay Packers


Cowboys Sent Packing In Green Bay

The Cowboys were potentially a judgment call away from advancing to the NFC Championship game.


Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

Wow Detroit Lions Fans Really Hate Nickelback

Fans of the Detroit Lions furious that the team has elected to book [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Nickelback[/lastfm] as the halftime entertainment for their Thanksgiving day game against the Green Bay Packers. So angry that an online petition […]


Jack’s Song Of The Day: Todd Rundgren

Happy Labor Day!! Jack FM can’t believe we actually have to labor on Labor Day. We better be getting paid time and a half for this…


All 61 Super Bowl Ads In Two Minutes

There were 61 ads during Super Bowl XLV, ranging from movie trailers to amazing car commercials. If you didn’t watch the big game on Sunday, catching up on all 61 could be a little time […]


Life After The Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers! So, uh, now what, Dallas?  Jeez.  Feels like the day after Christmas x 100.


Green Bay Packers Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The two teams will play in Super Bowl XLV. Prepare yourself, Dallas-Fort Worth.  We’re 12 days away from a whole lot of everything.


Dallas Cowboys Lose Again

The Green Bay Packers beat the Cowboys 45-7. Alright now.  This is getting embarrassing.


Dallas Mavericks At The A.A.C. Tonight

They’re playing the Denver Nuggets. Allow Dirk Nowitzki to make your Saturday night. 


Dallas Cowboys Out Of Town This Weekend

They play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.  You know what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. 


Dallas Cowboys Lose Again

The Cowboys lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday 35-17. It freaks us out that we’re getting used to this.