Website Helps Guys Break-Up With Their Girlfriends!Know a guy who needs to get away from his girlfriend?
A Man Must Decide Between His Woman Or His Dog
Kermit The Frog Has A New GirlfriendSay it ain't so, say it ain't so!
Man Places His Girlfriend On eBayEver play a joke on your significant other... and it back-fire?
Upset Man Throws Pizza Slices At Girlfriend
Suspected Domestic Violence Was Really A Farting Boyfriend
Escaped Inmate Fights With Girlfriend And Gets Sent Back To Jail
Need A Girlfriend, Why Not Buy A Fake One?
It's OK If You're Single On Valentine's DayThere's actually a lot for you to do tonight. And none of it involves you wallowing in self-pity.
Man Squirts Soap In Girlfriend's Mouth For Cussing
Man Steals Car To Get Pregnant Girlfriend To Hospital
Jimmy Kimmel EngagedHere's hoping Guillermo is the flower girl! App
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