[VIDEOS] Harry Potter Book Gets A 'Magical' Animation For Kindle
VIDEO: Super Fly Toddler Hears The Beat Drop, Lays Down Some Epic Baby DancingBabies are cool...
An Episode of 'The Simpsons' Might Become a Reality...Again'The Simpsons' might have accurately predicted the future, again.
Lilium Aviation Test Flies it's Flying Car
Little Kid Dancing During a Set at Coachella Steals the ShowWait, there are kids at Coachella?!
This Robotic Sleeve Could Be Life-Saving in the Near Future
5 Rappers Who Should Appear on The Simpsons' Hip-Hop EpisodeMr. Burns needs an all-star rap team? We've got it covered.
Sony Is Creating Contact Lenses That Can Record And Play Back Video!
Phone Charging Stations, Touchscreen Maps, Public Wi-Fi and More Coming to The West EndWhat does the future look like? Our first glimpse is coming to Dallas's West End thanks to the Dallas Innovation Alliance.
WATCH: Super Mario Bros in 360 Degree ExperienceIf you were a fan of 'Super Mario Bros' back in the SNES Era, then this console is for you!
Rick Astley: "I Had A Record Out In August And By March I Was A Millionaire" In an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph, singer Rick Astley reveals he was a millionaire before the age of 24.
Brad And Angelina Set To Say "I Do"

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