This undated photo shows a rat in the a

Video: Rat Stuck On Escalator

We’ve all heard of the Rat Race, but this is ridiculous. This is a video of a rat trying his hardest to get off the Escalator going the wrong way. Poor little guy just can’t […]


Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Christmas Cats TV Is Streaming Live On the Internet

The most adorable way to waste time on the internet is now available this Holiday season. Christmas Cats TV is now streaming live on the internet. Don’t know what Christmas Cats TV is? Well it’s […]



’12 Days Of Christmas’ Items Would Cost Over $100K

Looking to buy the hottest gift this holiday season, but don’t want to blow your bank account? You might want to steer clear of the items listed in ’12 Days Of Christmas’, together they would […]


Macy's Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade In New York City

Fun Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Keep Your Elf Busy

The Elves On The Shelf have arrived. They are stationing themselves around the house daily to report the behavior of little boys and girls to Santa before Christmas. The Elves like to get up to […]



Video: The Trick To Getting Any Girl’s Number

Have you ever wanted to get the phone number of a girl that was out of your league and didn’t know how to do it? Or has a guy who wanted your number and you […]


World Series - Boston Red Sox v St Louis Cardinals - Game Four

American Mustache Institute Tells Boston Red Sox To Stop Growing Beards

No one is sure if this is a joke or totally serious, but the Boston Red Sox received a cease & desist letter from the American Mustache Institute to stop the beardmania. According to Yahoo! […]


Robyn Beck/Getty Images

VIDEO: Bono Does Great Impression Of Bill Clinton

You know you’re pretty awesome when you get invited to sit on a panel with a former U.S. president. Yesterday, Bono took his supreme level of awesome up a notch. President Bill Clinton was running […]


The urinals of the German Football Feder

“Pee Straight” Invention Helps Men With Aim

If you’re a guy that sprinkles when you tinkle, then the Chinese have an invention you’ll want to try! The “Pee Straight” looks like a beer bong, but the funnel and hose are designed to […]


Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Video: NFL Hall Of Famer Falls Off Stage During Live Broadcast

Former San Francisco 49ers defensive back and NFL Hall of Famer, Ronnie Lott is used to get knocked around, but he never expected to take a hit off the field. During a live coverage on […]


A replica of Velociraptor is on display

VIDEO: Japanese Dinosaur Prank Goes Viral

Steven Spielberg brought the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park to life and forever sparked our imaginations of what we would do if dinosaurs showed up here in the modern world. The answer has been found, and […]