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VIDEO: Manning Brothers – New Rap Video!

Peyton & Eli have teamed-up with Direct TV for some good laughs.


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Video: People Slapping Other People They Just Met

So do you remember that First Kiss video that came out a few months ago of beautiful people who had just met kissing each other? Well it’s time to sit back relax and watch an even better version of that video called SLAP!


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VIDEO: Southwest Flight Attendant Goes Viral With Hilarious Safety Announcement

To be honest, who really listens to the pre-flight safety announcement? The flight attendants at Southwest are getting pretty creative with their safety schpiel to the point that they have passengers rolling in the aisle […]


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Video: Samuel L. Jackson Delivers ‘Boy Meets World’ Slam Poem

If you watched TV at all in the Nineties, chances are you caught at least an episode of ‘Boy Meets World’. The family sitcom was recently honored on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ by […]


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Video: Things We Can’t Say About March M@#%^$$

Tasha Stevens has been sent a memo from our corporate offices on what she can and can’t say regarding the The Tournament That Must Not Be Named happening at AT&T Stadium this March. She’s not […]


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Man Hurls Ribs At Cars

by Cari Zack Wouldn’t you rather cook up some tasty, melt-in-your-mouth barbeque ribs, instead of throwing them out of your car window? Not Sharquon Liggins, 35, of Wisconsin. We’re not sure if he loathes succulent […]



Jack’d Up Valentine’s Day

Sick of Valentine’s Day? Well so are we…or are we. Find out in Jack’s latest video Jack’d Up Valentine’s Day. What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Got any big plans? Let us know in […]


Mobile Phone Usage Increases In Iraq

Video: What If Conference Calls Happened In Person

The dreaded conference call. If you have worked in an office for any extended amount of time you have at least been apart of a conference call. Well what would happen if what happened on […]



Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger Undercover As A Personal Trainer

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to go undercover as a personal trainer for Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California. He messed with unsuspecting gym goers and caught the whole thing on camera. One question: How in the […]


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Video: Why Astronauts Shouldn’t Eat Beans

Visual effects company Cinesite has decided to show the world why astronauts shouldn’t eat beans. The company created a mock commercial for the fake ‘Haynes Baked Beans’ company. The animated commercial shows what it might […]