Reporters Can't Stop Laughing At Video Of A Man Who Lived As A GoatUK-designer Thomas Thwaites decided to become one with the goats, and for three days fully immersed himself in goat culture, wearing prosthetic legs and eating grass while residing along a hillside on the Alps.
Watch Samuel L. Jackson Curse At Kittens In Hilarious Video From "The Tonight Show"If Jimmy Fallon does anything great with his incarnation of The Tonight Show, it's getting his celebrity guests to play hilarious games, and this one is absolutely something spectacular.
These Parents Totally Nailed Recreating Their Kids Selfies
Darth Vader Picks Up Trash Along Adopted Stretch Of Highway (Video)One of the leaders of the evil Galactic Empire, voted as one of the greatest movie villains of all time, and now an environmentalist.
VIDEO: Ellen Takes Michelle Obama to CVS for Post-Presidency Shopping
Student Wearing T-Rex Costume Crowned Homecoming QueenFor student, Sarah McDonald, her school's "Spirit Day" provided her an opportunity to take the nation by storm.
Amy Schumer Shares Hilarious Instagram Post About Getting Food Poisoning In ParisRather than let the ordeal ruin her experience, the never-shy Schumer took to Instagram, sharing her experience with her 5 million followers, and proving that even in her most vulnerable of times, she is always good for a laugh.
Man Steals 300,000 Pennies From WorkA Pennsylvania man is being accused of stealing a steel drum full of pennies from his place of employment.
Watch: Ellen and Britney Spears Prank Mall ShoppersDo celebs really get away with bad behavior in ways that you and I never could? Ellen and Britney put the theory to the test!
Daughter Given Birthday Cake Styled After Photo Of Her Vomiting After DrinkingThis mother certainly knew a good way to show her daughter that she didn't really approve of her drinking.
Two Year Old Fined $75 For LitteringLast Thursday, Harper Westover received a notice in the mail reporting that she was being fined $75 by her Northeast Washington city's Department of Public Works for littering.
VIDEO: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Delivers Announcements In The Style Of Looney Tunes CharactersPassengers on a Southwest Airlines flight to Chicago were in for a bit of treat as attendant Zach Haumesser delivered the landing protocol announcements.

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