Madonna Finally Joins James Corden For A Ride In Carpool KaraokeBe sure to be on the lookout for a twerking Madonna, something Corden says has never happened in Carpool Karaoke before.
Great Pyrenees Dog Tackles Human In Greatest Football Play Of The Season (Video)Somebody call Jerry, the best player in the NFL is not currently on a team. He's not even human!
Oldest Woman Alive Credits Her Health To Being SingleWhat do you think? Are you buying it?
Jennifer Lawrence Almost Killed Someone Due To Her "Butt Itchin'"Jennifer Lawrence told a story of how she almost killed someone while filming one of the Hunger Games movies while in Hawaii, all because she needed to scratch her itchy butt.
Chris Pratt Shows Off Incredible Card "Trick" During "Graham Norton Show"Chris Pratt. Hollywood hunk. Blockbuster draw. Future magician?
Stormtrooper Keeps "Jerking The Trigger" In Hilarious New Video From Fort Worth PDSgt. Steven Enright is doing everything he can to aid a new recruit who is having trouble hitting any sort of target downrange.
Texas Mom Sneaks Corn On The Cob Into Movie Theater, Becomes The Hero We NeedOnly in Texas, y'all.
Kansas Police Capture Amusing Surprises on Wildlife Cameras
Grandmother Accidentally Invites Stranger To Thanksgiving, Teen Shows Up For DinnerArizona grandmother Wanda Dench thought she was texting one of her grandchildren when she extended an invitation to come to Thanksgiving dinner.
Inebriated Woman Presents Slice Of Pizza As Form Of IdentificationA woman was arrested at the Monkey Bar for allegedly interfering in the police investigation of an incident that occurred earlier in the night at the Amherst, Massachusetts bar.
Man Facing Massive Fine After Using Drone To Buy Sausage While He Sat In Hot TubA man in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia has found the perfect use for his drone, but unfortunately it could hit him pretty hard in his wallet.
This Woman Went Into Labor And Still Stopped By A Polling Station To Vote!Nothing was going to stop this woman from voting!

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