CNN Fires Kathy Griffin Over Controversial Trump Photo ShootCNN has severed ties with Kathy Griffin which includes appearing on the annual New Year's Eve program.
Robert Pattinson Was Almost Fired From The Twilight Saga After The First FilmRobert Pattinson was almost fired from the film series that made him a household name.
'Once Upon A Time' Looses Most Of It's Cast For The Next SeasonSix cast members have left the show.
Phaedra Parks Fired From 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'This is horrible.
VIDEO: Cop Fired For Reenacting A Scene From 'Training Day'"They build jails 'cause of me."
Fox News Co-President Fired After Female Employees Petition To Remove HimFox just can't catch a break.
The Internet has the Answer as to Why Cracker Barrel Fired Brads Wife
Father Fired For Missing Work Due To Birth Of His Son30-year-old Lamar Austin's son was the first child born in 2017 in Concord, New Hampshire.
"Brady Bunch" Star Susan Olsen Fired From Radio Job For "Hate Speech And Threats" Against CriticBest known for her role as the pigtailed Cindy Brady for the duration of The Brady Bunch, Susan Olsen has recently made a name for herself as a conservative talk show host
Billy Bush Selling His New York Townhouse For A Whole Lot Of CashThe recently ousted Billy Bush has decided that living large isn't really feasible when you don't have a job.
Snoopy Has Been Fired By MetLife After 31 Years On The JobWe bet Charlie Brown is ticked.
Middle School Football Coach Fired For Making Kid Run Laps After Bullying TeammateTodd Kennedy used to be the head coach for a Durham Middlefield football team composed of 4th through 6th graders. He was fired for punishing one of his players for allegedly bullying one of his own teammates.

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