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Shots Fired Between Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Ranic

What’s up with these two? Kelly Osbourne and Guiliana Rancic have been disagreeing for a while, but this weekend Osbourne lost her filter at the 4th annual NYX FACE Awards in Los Angeles. Osbourne left […]



Lisa Kudrow: A “Friends” Reunion Is Not Going To Ever Happen

Last week Matt LeBlanc, Joey from Friends, said that everyone should give up hope of a Friends reunion. Now Lisa Kudrow, who played Pheobe, is seconding that notion. The actress told E!Online, “I don’t think […]



Amazing Race Producer Found Dead In Uganda

Two producers of the reality TV show, The Amazing Race, were reportedly believed to be in Uganda when the incident happened. The producers were creating challenges for the show and after dealing with “local thugs” […]


Betty White Vs. Lindsay Lohan: Best Celebrity Feud Ever!

Someone get the popcorn, because this is gonna be a good one. Read on to get the juicy details behind the latest celeb feud…