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New to Dallas? See How to Spend Some Hours at Uptown!

I live in Uptown Dallas and I’ve seen my fair share of changes throughout the years but maybe you’re a new resident or a visitor from out of town. Check out some activities you can […]


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Have A Beer Dinner Tomorrow Night At Whole Foods Market

As opposed to your days back in college, they’re serving actual FOOD with with this Beer Dinner.


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Sing For Your Supper At The Hard Rock Café

Looks like we’ll be hungry at this event.


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You Need To Check Out The Food Truck And Wine Pairing Event

See why it’s boggling that someone didn’t think of this sooner.


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Enjoy A Five-Course Meal At Community Beer Company

Would you like some food with your beer?


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Get Healthy At The Raw Foods Dinner Detox

And you had such a good start when they stopped making those Hostess baked goods…


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Let Someone Else Do All The Cooking

It may not be Turducken, but we have a list of places ready to fill your belly with Thanksgiving dinner.


Have Someone Else Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner

We’ve got a list of restaurants that can help you prevent that horrible burnt yam smell.