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Step Right Up: Play The Pick-Your-Apocalypse Game!

Who cares if you call shenanigans? It won’t matter in a few days!


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Video: Angry Man Destroys T-Mobile Store In England

See what happens when one man gets so angry with his overpriced cell phone bill in Manchester, England. Lets just say that he did a little remodeling for the T-Mobile store.


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Video: Stuff Being Destroyed In Super Slow Motion

Having a frustrating Monday? Want to take a baseball bat to your office computer? Here at Jack we have found a way for you to relieve some frustration by seeing the destruction, but you don’t […]


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Oh My God…Holy Moly! (Tornado Terror Video)

There is some pretty incredible footage emerging from yesterday’s tornadoes. Check out this video by Vincent Tang of a tornado tearing through a Lancaster neighborhood. The only thing left to say about the video is, […]


Earthquake Hits Japan

Japan was tragically hit with a magnitude 8.9 earthquake this morning.