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Gordon Lightfoot Is Coming To Town!

Go ahead and bust on this guy. If we put on “If You Could Read My Mind,” you’d be singing along like a karaoke fool.


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Float On Over To The 2nd Annual Irving Canal Fest

It’s your usual outdoor October event…but with Gondola rides and pedal boat rentals!


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That Miley Cyrus Concert Is Tonight

Why does the thought of this make us want to head to CVS to purchase Purell?


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The Dallas Arboretum Shows Its Spring Colors With The Dallas Blooms Festival

Ugh. Barely a weed to be seen. Can one of their horticulturalists please come over to fix-up our yard?


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See The Big Next Thing At The “Out Of The Loop Fringe Festival”

Shiny new performance art that you can brag about later on when it gets hugely popular.


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Spin A Yarn At The Texas Storytelling Festival

It was a dark and stormy night… Yeah. That’s all we got.


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Go Cheer On The Competitors At The 2013 Dallas Dance Festival

Dance like Napoleon Dynamite, and we’ll give you a standing ovation.


Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

Twerking Banned From High School Dance

A Maryland high school is making students sign a “dance contract” banning twerking and other provocative dance moves. Huff Post reports that the contract put forth by Annapolis High School specifically says “no grinding, intimate […]


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Let The Romance Bloom At Date Your Mate 2013

Luckily, the “you’re not allowed to pass gas in front of your spouse” rule isn’t on the list this year.


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Enjoy The Luck Of The North Texas Irish Festival

They’re going for a traditional feel. But with us around, it’ll end-up like a House of Pain video.