Dallas Events

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Tap ‘N’ Run Dallas

Tap ‘N’ Run is coming to Dallas The event combines a ridiculous running race – a 4k with 3 beer chug stations* along the race course, a full beer at the Finish Line, crazy costumes, […]


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Stay On Your Toes At Footnight Dallas

They’ve got 22 foot models booked. And the “foot” isn’t a measurement.


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DART Goes No-Pants Subway Ride

Oh, Sweet Lord above…please don’t let people go commando. Amen.


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Lots Of Comedians To Laugh At This Weekend

One of them is on “The Office”. So that’ll get you one degree closer to “The Hangover” cast.


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Catch An Oscar-Nominated Flick This Weekend

Then you can legitimately yell at the screen when your pick doesn’t win on February 24th.


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Texas Rangers’ Fan Fest Wraps-Up Today

The interactive activities sound like fun. And yelling at a Rangers Coach about Josh Hamilton isn’t one of them.


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Your Dallas Mavericks Play Again Tonight

We’ll tell you if they took out the Kings the other night…or looked like jesters.


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Take Advantage Of Penguin Days At The Dallas Zoo

They have an INCREDIBLE deal going on. And, just to clarify, you CAN see more than the penguins.


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Make Your Friends Green With Envy: It’s The North Texas Comic Book Show

Join us and our slightly frightening obsession with Lou Ferrigno, won’t you?


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“Zero Dark Thirty” Is In Select Theaters This Weekend

Don’t be a dork and wait forever to see it like you did with “The Hurt Locker”.