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What If Car Commercials Were Honest?

Well that’s a loaded question! And one that will NEVER happen. No wonder some of us tend to hang onto our cars until they are falling apart or rusted out.


U2 (Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty)

U2, Bob Dylan, Giorgio Moroder and More Rock Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials

Dylan was featured in two commercials during the big game.


Canada Raises Quota For Controversial Seal Hunt

Snuffy The Seal Shark Week Commercial

If you’ve been watching any TV this week, chances are you’ve seen this commercial for Shark Week. It’s shocking and yet hilarious all at the same time. The commercial is a live news shot at […]


19th Annual "Hollywood Charity Horse Show"

Audi Pits Spock Vs Spock In New Ad

Audi has released a new ad that pits Spock vs. Spock, well really the two actors that have played Spock. The ad shows the two actors, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, facing off in a […]


Alternative Hair Treatment Offered In Chelsea Salon

Commercial Proves Why Men Shouldn’t Use Women’s Shampoo

This great Brazilian commercial for Dove for Men + Care shampoo should really get on the air in America. It’s hilarious and pokes fun at itself and other shampoo commercials all at the same time. […]


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Billy Corgan Gets In The Ring For Funny Furniture Commercial

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has brought his well-known love of professional wrestling to a humorous TV ad for hometown Chicago furniture supplier Walter E. Smithe. Corgan, who launched the Resistance Pro Wrestling promotion company […]



Sweet Brown Does A Commercial

We’re sure everyone remembers Sweet Brown the woman who didn’t have time for the fire last year, well now she has time to do commercials. Shortline Dental in Oklahoma has hired Sweet Brown to be […]


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The Dallas Mavericks Are Coming Home

Because a pigskin ball is so two days ago.


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It’s The Awesome Toy Collector Show!

Hindsight’s always 20/20. We NEVER should have melted the Stormtroopers’ heads with a magnifying glass.


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Catch Eddie Money Off The TV, Live And In Concert

Forget that talking gecko. See where the Money Man’s playing next.