The 10 Items You Can't Find In Cars AnymoreNew cars are starting to come without a CD players! Ten years ago, the idea of not having one in every vehicle was unthinkable!
It's North Texas' Spiciest Festival! You know what they say: if you can't stand the heat, get out of Texas.
Take A Drive Out To The Good Guys 22nd Lone Star NationalsMake sure your car is in good working order. It would suck (and be kind of ironic) if you broke down on your way to this thing.
This Weekend: It's The Annual Texas Baby And Kid ExpoIf your girlfriend wants to go to this thing, and you don't have any kids, it's probably time to have a chat.
Take A Fireworks Rock And Roll Paddle Tour On Lake GrapevineIt's just like riding a bike! But without the danger of being taken out by a car.
This Weekend: The Good Guys 4th Spring Nationals At T.M.S. If it doesn't roar louder than a jet engine, or spew an enormous amount of won't find it here.
Get Transported Back To The '80s Tonight With Gary Numan Wonder what Gary thinks about electric cars?
Autorama Screeches Into Town This WeekendIf you've got gasoline in your are you still alive?
Get "In The Mood" Wednesday Night With A 1940's Big Band Music RevueInsert your own "hump day" jokes here.
The NCRS 2013 Lone Star Regional Classic Corvette Show Is This WeekendThis brings back memories of that amazing girl with the little red Corvette...
Spy Some Sweet Wheels At The Harbor Auto ShowTo avoid embarrassment while you're there, maybe your neighbor will let you borrow their BMW...while they tool around in your Pinto.
Ron Burgundy Your New Dodge Spokesman