Adidas Launches Beer And Vomit Proof SneakersOktoberfest is almost here, and to get you prepared, Adidas is launching a brand new pair of sneakers perfect for those of us who will take full advantage of the holiday.
Anheuser-Busch is Canning Water Instead of Beer for Harvey Victims
[VIDEO] Woman Brings 'Galveston Beer' To FOX News Reporter
The Many Ways Beer is Good For Your HealthHave you noticed there’s a regular study showing the benefits of moderate beer intake?
Man Checks Single Can Of Beer As Luggage On FlightA man only identified as Dean thought he and his buddy would try a little experiment when traveling from Melbourne to Perth.  
Texas Going To Have State Inspired Budweiser Bottle
Two Men Face Charges After Forcing A Baby Alligator To Drink Beer And Inhale SmokeSouth Carolina men Zachary Lloyd Brown, 21, and Joseph Andrew Floyd, 20, posted a few pictures of what they called a "gator shotgun."
This Brewery In Denmark Is Making Beer Out Of Human Urine"Pisner" great job on the clever name Denmark.
Having Trouble Finding A Date? Might Finally Be Time To Ditch The Cargo ShortsIf you've been having trouble finding a date lately, it may boil down to what kind of clothes you're rocking.
Did You Know You Can Buy A 1,000 Pack Of Beer In Finland?It costs about $2,345.
Man Arrested For Pushing Past Police In Order To Save His Beer From House FireAs the fires raged in a South Dakota home, one man decided to risk it all in order to save the things most precious to him in the entire world, two cans of Bud Ice Premium.
Heineken Just Schooled Pepsi On How To Make A Commercial

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