A polar bear cub swims in his enclosure at Moscows Zoo on May 27, 2015. The temperatures in Moscow reached today 28 C (82 F). AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV        (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)

This Bear Sure Knows How To Have A Good Time

A  bear in Vancuer knows how to live the good life. A man in Vancouver, British Colombia, recorded a bear breaking his fence just so he could take a dip in a pool and then […]


(Corinth Police Department Facebook)

Black Bear Cub Captured In Corinth

It’s not often that you see a wild animal around the neighborhoods in DFW.


(Photo by RAYMOND ROIG/AFP/Getty Images)

Man Fights Off Bear Attack By Grabbing Its Tongue

A man fended off an attacking bear by grabbing its tongue. Bear couldn’t get a word in edgewise.


Kodiak Bears Birthday Milestone

VIDEO: Hungry Bear Rolls Away With Restaurant Dumpster

Yogi the Bear must have been trolling the streets of Colorado Springs looking for pic-a-nic baskets. A hungry bear was caught on camera rolling away a dumpster from behind a German restaurant. In the video, […]


Animals Of Wuppertal Zoo

Video: Reporter Makes Fool Of Self To Help Save You From A Bear

Julie Tremmel, a Rhode Island TV Reporter, wants to make sure her viewers know exactly what to do in case of a bear attack. Glad you cleared that up for us Julie. And we are […]


Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten Funding For California Universities

Theives Busted After Posting Pics Of Heist On Facebook

Be careful what you post on Facebook. Two men in Milwaukie, Ore. were cited for stealing a wooden bear statue from a local bar after they posted photos of their shenanigans with the bear on […]


Kodiak Bears Birthday Milestone

VIDEO: Bear Breaking Into Truck

It’s probably the most un-bear-ably adorable criminal ever caught on camera. A giggling family is amused to find their truck being busted into by a casually cool criminal who just happens to be… a bear. […]


The 2012 ESPY Awards - Red Carpet

Man Claims He Has Evidence Of Bigfoot

A man recently called the police in Paint Township in Pennsylvania to report that he had evidence proving the existence of Bigfoot. John Winesickle told 911 to send an officer to examine a footprint on […]


James Balog/Getty Images

Driver Swerves To Avoid Moose, Crashes Into Bear

You think the moose called 911?


California Man Saved From Moutain Lion Attack By A Bear

Robert Biggs, A 69-Year-Old California man, was hiking in the Bean Soup Flats area last week when he was attacked by a mountain lion. He survived just fine. A bear came along to save his […]