VIDEO: Woman Pepper Sprays Bear In Face, Bear Eats Her KayakSee why there's no just reasoning with a bear.
This Bear Sure Knows How To Have A Good Time
Black Bear Cub Captured In CorinthIt's not often that you see a wild animal around the neighborhoods in DFW.
Man Fights Off Bear Attack By Grabbing Its TongueA man fended off an attacking bear by grabbing its tongue. Bear couldn't get a word in edgewise.
VIDEO: Hungry Bear Rolls Away With Restaurant Dumpster
Video: Reporter Makes Fool Of Self To Help Save You From A Bear
Theives Busted After Posting Pics Of Heist On Facebook
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Man Claims He Has Evidence Of Bigfoot
Driver Swerves To Avoid Moose, Crashes Into BearYou think the moose called 911?
California Man Saved From Moutain Lion Attack By A Bear
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