Angry Bear Rescued From Turkish Sceptic Tank (Video)Hopefully the grizzly is ok and not too emBEARassed.
Man Trying To Impress Women Sneaks Into Animal Enclosure, Taken Down By Panda (Video)
PHOTOS: Alaskan Bear, Otis, Named "Fattest Bear In The Wild"
Pedals, The Bipedal Bear, Killed By A Hunter
Man Survives TWO Consecutive Bear Attacks (Photos and Video)Todd Orr was hiking in southwest Montana when he happened upon a mama Grizzly bear along with her two cubs.
WATCH: Police Rescue Bear That Got Itself Trapped Inside A Car!
Stray Cat Befriends Bear In California Zoo
Leonardo DiCaprio Not Raped By Bear Says FOX"The bear in the film is a female who attacks [Leo] because she feels he might be threatening her cubs ... there is clearly no rape scene with a bear."
VIDEO: Woman Pepper Sprays Bear In Face, Bear Eats Her KayakSee why there's no just reasoning with a bear.
This Bear Sure Knows How To Have A Good Time
Black Bear Cub Captured In CorinthIt's not often that you see a wild animal around the neighborhoods in DFW.
Man Fights Off Bear Attack By Grabbing Its TongueA man fended off an attacking bear by grabbing its tongue. Bear couldn't get a word in edgewise.

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