American Airlines Center

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Repticon Slithers Into Farmers Branch This Weekend

Not all reptiles are scary, scaly and gross. Don’t forget the adorable turtle! Well, except that snapping turtle that almost bit your pinkie toe off.

13 hours ago

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Are Back In Town At The End Of The Month

Are we SURE Tom Petty’s not related to Bob Dylan?


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Head North For 3 Doors Down Tomorrow Night

We’d love to crack a joke about how we wish the concert was only three doors down…but that would be cheesy.


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The Big Aerosmith/Slash Show IS Happening Tonight

Did you hear about the $1.1 Million Hennessey Venom GT Spyder Steven Tyler recently bought? Think he’d include a test drive with the concert ticket?


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The Gala Of The Royal Horses: Not Your Usual Pony Show

It’s a rarity here in Texas: these horses don’t buck the hell out of their riders and send them flying.


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Have You Seen The Line-Up For The Uproar Festival?

Click here to check it out. Warning: if you attend this festival, your ears might end up bleeding.


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Slash Rocks Out With Aerosmith This Friday Night

Slash has the best hair. Heck, we know GIRLS who want hair as beautiful as Slash’s!


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The North Texas State Fair And Rodeo’s This Weekend

Although still pretty awesome, this has nothing to do with the mongo Fair that’s kicking off next month.


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Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Beatles With “1964: The Tribute”

Whatever you do, don’t start singing “Hey Jude”. HAH! TRICKED YOU!


(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

You’ve Got To See Who’s Playing At Fat Daddy’s In Mansfield

Click here to see a couple of the awesome acts they have coming up.




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