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10 Things Today’s College Kids Are Baffled By : Those Spoiled Brats

We are baffled by these ancient dinosaur things that college kids of the 80’s had to put up with. 1. Owning a 30 pound desktop computer. Kids these days think it’s a giant paper weight. […]


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Couple Argues Over Slash vs. Eddie Van Halen, Ends Up In Jail

Debates over top guitarists usually get pretty heated, but rarely does someone end up behind bars for their viewpoint. According to The Sun News, in early February, police in Cleveland suburb Brook Park were dispatched […]


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Morrissey’s Not Feeling Well

Dude. We told you that using all of those hair products would eventually hurt your esophagus!


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Meet Christopher Lloyd At Dallas Comic-Con

Really, Doc Brown…what the hell IS a gigawatt?


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See “Footloose: The Musical” Live On Stage

Before “Ren & Stimpy” there was only one Ren…Ren McCormack.


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Check Out Bryan Adams’ Photography

The Canadian gravelly tenor-voiced dude is back with a camera.


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What’s In The Box? R.E.M. ‘Document,’ 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Need a last-minute gift for the rock fan in your life? Or do you just need to figure out what to spend that awesome gift card on? We’re here to help, with rundowns of this […]


Video: How To Fold Paper Notes 80s Style

Remember how we used to fold notes in the 80s? No, well here is a video to help refresh your memory.


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Guns N’ Roses Announces Las Vegas Residency

Any bets on how long this will actually last?


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Rick Astley: “I Had A Record Out In August And By March I Was A Millionaire”

In an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph, singer Rick Astley reveals he was a millionaire before the age of 24.