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Use The Dallas Zoo To Woo

OK…so they have a sweet deal going on. It’s still a gift!


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Let The Dallas Mavericks Save Your Valentine’s Day

Dirk’s our hero! He’s got an amazing tailor, too: that dude needs a LONG cape.


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We’ve Tracked Down Some Tickets To The XX Shows

We scoured the deep recesses of the Dallas music scene to find these… Just kidding. We used the Internet.


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Jack’s Throwback Show: It’s 2-For-1!

After all the money you’ve spent on beads and Valentine’s Day gifts, you NEED this deal.


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Make Your “Dukes Of Hazzard” Dreams Come True

John Schneider and Tom Wopat under the same roof! Throw in Catherine Bach in a bikini, and our heads might explode.


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You Could Snag A Snoop Dogg VIP Package

It’s perfectly legal.


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All Hail Fat Tuesday!

Boy, do we have a list of places that are throwing parties. Because what good is asking for forgiveness, when you don’t sin a little?


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Morrissey’s Not Feeling Well

Dude. We told you that using all of those hair products would eventually hurt your esophagus!


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Jack’s Pick The Oscar Contest: It’s Worth A Grand!

Technically more than that if you include the cold cuts.


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The Clock Is Ticking On Jack’s Pick The Oscar Contest

Nine Best Picture nominees to watch: and that’s just ONE of the categories. Better get crackin’!