Signs Of The Coming Apocalypse

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Mayan Descendants Aren’t Worried About Coming Mayan Apocalypse

Tomorrow is December 21st, 2012. Besides being the winter solstice, it is also the Mayan predicted end of the world. We here at Jack think there might be something to this whole Apocalypse thing. Why […]


Benfica v Liverpool - UEFA Europa League

Eagle Gets Hungry Puts Baby On The Menu

Warning: Video contains bad language. It seems like we can’t take our kids anywhere. Even when a parent is standing just feet away in full view of their infant child, someone or some thing still […]


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Man Wears All His Clothes To Avoid Baggage Charge

Everyone hates baggage fees, especially a man in China who wore 70 items of clothing to avoid them.



Looming Mayan Doomsday Leads To Hundreds Of Arrests

Apparently the Chinese government disagrees with the Mayan assessment that the world is coming to an end. The Huffington Post  that Chinese police have arrested more than 500 people who are spreading rumor of the impending […]