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Before you Watch The Oscars Listen To E Entertainment's Marc Malkin InterviewMarc Malkin of E Entertainment called in to talk about what we can expect form E's coverage of the red carpet all the way through the Oscar after parties.
Billy Kidd & Carly Waddell Talk last Night's "Bachelor"Nick had a big night last night on The Bachelor. He visited the home town of each of the four remaining girls. Some of the visits were fun like Corinne's shopping spree but other visits were quite serious.
Get The Inside Scoop On "The Bachelor"
Sting On Trump: "We Have To Be Optimistic, He's Our President For The Next Four Years So Let's Get Behind Him"I'm hopeful that he will actually come good. We have to be optimistic. He's our president for the next four years so let's get behind him."
Leah Remini Takes On Scientology"I kept hearing stories of abuses...sexual abuse, mental abuse..."
Judge Reinhold InterviewI had a chance to catch up with Judge Reinhold at Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel!
Local "Shark Tank" Winner Junior Desinor Says Mr. Wonderful Actually A Nice Guy "That's his brand...on and off set he's incredibly kind. Kevin's been absolutely nothing but nice."
Charles Haley On Replacing Dak With Romo, "That's Absurd""What are you going to do. The guy wins eleven games for you straight, he lose(s) two games and you're gonna replace him? It makes no sense to me."
Model Ashley Graham Interview - "Being A Model Is Way More Than Meets The Eye"If you're looking in the mirror and saying, 'I'm beautiful, I'm smart, I'm kind, I'm bold, I'm brilliant' then that's exactly what you'll portray to the world."
All Access Pass: Comedian Craig ShoemakerStand up legend, actor, writer and host Craig Shoemaker stopped by the station today and talked about growing up in Philly, his time spent writing for Fuller House and what we can expect from his show this weekend at the Addison improv!
John Heffron "I'm The Matchbox Twenty Of Comedy"Last Comic Standing Winner John Heffron's comedy appeals to just about everyone. Adults, grandparents, they're all welcome and comfortable at his shows. That's why he compares himself to Matchbox Twenty!
Shark Tank's Lori Greiner: I Could See Mark Cuban Being A GladiatorYou'd think the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank would all be cut-throat, hard nosed business tycoons. But Lori Greiner is like the nicest person ever. I couldn't even get her to say anything bad about our friend and Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban!

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