Ricky Astley Has His Own Bathroom In Japanese Bar That Only Plays His Music

Rick Astley is an absolute sensation in Japan.

A few weeks ago, Astley was traveling in Japan with a group of friends from Denmark who own a beer company and happened to create a beer for him.  They made their way into a bar, and Astley popped into the bathroom, where he discovered that the only music that particular bathroom played was his own!

Astley said, “We went to bar with them in Japan a couple of weeks ago, and one of the bars they own has a Rick Astley toilet.  If you go in there all the music played in that toilet is me.  Being in Japan is a funky thing anyway, but going to a bar and having a toilet that just plays your music is a whole different level of funk.  And I’d had a few beers as well that night.  My head was a bit of a mess.”

As far as if he was pleased to have his own bathroom, Astley said, “Come on! Yes who wouldn’t want that?”

Via Montrose Press

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