Teens Trying To Set Up Prank Crash Through Roof Of Cinnamon Bun Shop In Edmonton Mall (Video)

Two teens in Edmonton were trying to set up a prank or were tired of the escalators when they decided to climb down from the second level of the West Edmonton Mall and land on the roof of a cinnamon bun shop below.

The first fella manages to land on a solid part of the roof; his buddy however is not quite as successful.  He lands on a transparent area of the shop, which immediately gives way because of his weight.  He is sent falling through the roof onto the cold hard ground of embarrassment and shame below.

An alarm sounds off almost immediately after he falls, and with the fact that no one else is in the mall in the clip, we can only assume it was closed the time these guys were in there.

Edmonton police are looking into the matter, but a formal report has yet to be filed.

Via Global News

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