By Day, 82-Year-Old Runs A Restaurant. By Night, She DJs At The Hottest Nightclub In Tokyo

82-year-old Sumiko Iwamuro runs a Chinese restaurant with her brother.

That’s her day job.

When the sun goes down, and nightlife kicks off, she becomes DJ Sumirock, and spins the tables at one of Tokyo’s hottest nightclubs, a passion she began in her 70s after the passing of her husband.

Iwamuro explained to Al Jazeera that her music is “fundamentally techno music,” but likes to add jazz and classical music to the mix.  She only has one goal when she performs, though.  “When I spin the tables, I just want to match the beat.  But the best thing is for my audience to enjoy themselves.”

And by all accounts, her audience absolutely enjoys her work, and why wouldn’t they?  Club-goer Fuminari Fujii told Reuters, “She’s got this energy that goes beyond age.”

Via Huffington Post

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