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Jake Johnson On ‘Let’s Be Cops’, “We Improvised Almost Every Line.”

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Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

BK 11 TAN Billy Kidd
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In the latest All Access Pass with Billy Kidd, Billy talked to Jake Johnson, star of Fox’s hit TV show ‘New Girl’ and the new movie ‘Let’s Be Cops’. Billy and Jake talked about Jake’s new movie ‘Let’s Be Cops’, His background in improv, how he had a hand in the creation of ‘Drunk History’, and Jurassic World. Listen to the entire interview in the audio below.

All Access Pass with Billy Kidd: Jake Johnson

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In the interview Jake talked about his new film ‘Let’s Be Cops’. Saying, ” It’s a movie about a couple of guys, Damom Wayans Jr. and myself, who dress up like cops for a party, and then people start thinking that they’re actual cops. So they kinda have fun with that idea.”

Adding, “When I heard about the idea it just sounds funny to me, and what I like about hte movie is these guys get what’s coming to them…It’s a really fun movie, but it gets crazy.”

Jake also mentioned just how much improv came into play while shooting. “On ‘Let’s Be Cops’ we improvised almost every line in that movie. I would say 70% of this movie is improvised,” Jake said.

Speaking of improv Jake has quite the background in it, “I love improve. That’s how I came up…I did from 19 to 27, before I was working as an actor, countless nights per week,” Jake said.

Expanding on his improv background Jake spoke on is influences, “Del Close who was one of the guys who ran Second City…my brother and I… heard legacies and stories and legends about him. The idea of make your partner funny, don’t go after the joke and go after the true in scenes, believe in every moment. All this stuff was just stuff that we were raised into because of Second City.” Adding, “We took the schooling of Second City with us.”

Jake also touched on how helped create ‘Drunk History’ and his upcoming role in Jurassic Park. Listen to the audio above to hear the complete interview.

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